Puppies are cleared in!!!

Yep, they have walking papers for SVG. We sailed from Bequia this morning and took a mooring at Young Island Cut. Dink took us to Blue Lagoon where we met the vet. She said that I should ignore the BVI about requiring rabies tests every year. I will do that as those test cost lots of $s. We had to go to the vet to get lime and heart worm tests cause our were more the 6mos old. The Gov of SVG drove us to the Vet for the tests and then the Vet drove us back to Blue Lagoon. The Vet test cost, but SVG doesn't charge to import animals. Yeh. Here for a month I think.
Two mega yachts just anchored and are blocking our view of the ocean. One is 135ft the other is 204ft.