Nikon trouble

I took lots of pictures last night on my small Nikon for Fancy Mas, but I can't get them off the camera. I've plugged it directly into the computer and nothing - I pull the memory card, put it in a reader and plugged it into the computer and nothing. I think I'll try the PC and see if it can see the storage. Nope no luck on the PC either. Guess the camera is bad or improperly formatting the memory card. Ugh, it is such a nice little camera. Guess I'll have to use the Big Nikon or cellphone/tablet in the future.
All the same, I had a great time with boat neighbors at Fancy Mas. We picked up the taxi from Secret Harbor at 4:30 and went to Port Louis. From there we walked into town and had drinks, then back down the road for some street food. I did the grilled hog fish with hot sauce (plus a few beers). All along the streets and side walks you could see paint and sand on the road. The paint is from the pervious 4:00AM party and the sand is spread to compensate for all the oil and grease on the street from that party.
The first parade group passed us 1 block from the Tropicana at about 9PM. The second parade group (a large one, about 2K people with light sabers and flashing hats) passed by us at about 10:20PM. There were 7 more groups and looking down the road of the Carnage all you could see was lights as parade groups were coming down the street. We left at 11PM to get home. So I only saw 2 of the 9 "crews" pass. But I think everyone on the island was on the Carnage last night.
I drank too much - not hung over, but moving slow today.
Sorry no pictures.