Sail to Mayreau

Today the wind was 10 to 20 Kts. I worked on getting the helm balanced under these conditions. In the past year I just reduced the main to prevent weather helm that will drive Auto crazy. Today with 1 to 4 ft seas I did a little experimenting with the main. The problem I have had is that the cutter rig main sail will generate too much weather helm when the wind kicks up. Today I eased the main sheet and extra foot or so. Wow, It worked. When the wind kicks up to 18-20Kts, the weather helm kicks in but not long after the main looses its power and the head sail takes over and Auto loves it. So I've been setting the sail for 10kts of wind when I should be setting her for 20Kts of wind. I'll lose some speed at 10-12Kts but Auto can maintain the helm at 18-20Kts.
This is good to know… Still learning after 10 year on this boat.