Still charging Batts

My Batteries haven't been fully charged since Jan. of this year. So now I'm on my second day of charging them using the Batt Charger and a small generator. I hope that today I will get them fully charged and balanced. I had a problem last week and this week in that a Cell alarm went of indicating that one of the cells was not in spec for the voltage being provided. I came really close to charging them last week, but not close enough to get them to balance. So last night I ran the charger for 14 hours but still didn't get them up to charge. Today I'll run for 8 hours (my guess) to get them up to charge. I should do this every month but I haven't in the past cause my generator is dead. In July I got a gasoline powered generator that puts out about 1600Watts. I'll post more info once they start to top-balance.
Well, really close to top balancing. We are within .1Volts of that but the generator ran out of Gas. I'll see how this goes for the next couple of days. I'll get more Gas on Wednesday.
Rainy day here in Grenada.