Fresh Baguette today I think I'm going to eat the whole thing today

Fresh Baguette — Yummy with eggs and sausage, Yummy with sweet cream butter, Yummy with soft cheese, Yummy all by itself, Yummy with wine… This one won't last long :)
Good thing the bread lady shows up every morning!
Off to explore more today at Explorer Island and then to Le Canal at 6PM for drinks and dinner with friends and "puppies" they will like it once they get done barking at the Portugese water dog from Silver Penny.
Got the stove working today, not sure how. But it was not easy, but the push button ignition is working for now.
Country music on the radio, "I liked you better when you hated yourself!" I hate country music ;)
Just got back from drinks and dinner at Le Canal. Great as usual! But when I came home, the dogs had ripped the trash to pieces and scattered it everywhere on the boat. I am not happy and there were no chicken bones in the trash, but they ate egg shells, tea bags and chewed on every thing including the diesel soaked paper towel and all the paper towels used to clean behind the stove.
I am not happy and they will likely get sick for the next two or three days as a result of this trash venture. No more trash to be stored inside the boat.