Making water and reading news

Water maker is running today, we haven't had significant rain in a while. I'm reading the news on Dominica. There is a relief effort here in Grenada to load boats that will be heading up there in the next few days. This island was destroyed by a CAT5 hurricane earlier this week and there is very little left. Every tree stripped almost every roof top destroyed. This is a small island country that relies of agriculture exports and tourism. There is no more agriculture and the rain forest that attract the tourist have been shredded. Pray for them, but they need more than prayers - do what you can to help, they need everything.
The Lesser Antilles have never been hit by CAT5 hurricanes in recorded history, this year two of these storm have hit and destroyed most of the northern islands. Vote for politician that believe in science and the impact CO2 is having on the global environment! Governments are to manage resources, yet we fail to manage CO2 emissions (thanks Big Oil and Big Coal - drill baby drill, burn baby burn - makes you rich while destroying the world). If you want to see how extensive the air pollution is go to Hong Kong when the wind is from the North - it is not much different than the reports of London in the coal burning days.