Chillin' in Grenada

This is a great place to chill out. I went to the Brewery on Tuesday night and had their porter (more than one) and listened to music until 11PM. I'm planning on going to Nimrod's tonight for beer and music (more of the same thing). On Saturday they have a Hash out in Greenville, so I'm hoping to make my first Grenada Hash this weekend (I have to find my Asolo hiking boots). Carnival is in full swing with the highlights on Sun, Mon, and Tues. I'm trying to figure out if I can make Jouvey on Monday at about 2AM. I hear it is a blast! I'll have to bring my small camera and take some pictures.
Otherwise, I'm Chillin' in Grenada… What a great place to chill!
The first picture below was taken on the Atlantic crossing on the outside from Hampton VA to the US VI (about 1600 miles). This is serious "CY" as squalls are approaching us with 16ft waves and near gale force winds just as the sun is beginning to set. Then next day we had gale force winds for most of the day with Wolfe and Buck at the helm (sorry no picture of that).
The second picture is Cy and Carrol kicking back with Otto steering the boat in fair weather just after sunrise on Nov 12, 2016 about 3 days from our destination in the USVI.