Slow Friday

I took down the christmas lights today and did some groc shopping. The doggies had an easy day until... I decide it was time for the brush. They have a love/hate relationship with the brush, mostly hate until we are done and they get a peanut butter treat! They also know that the brush implies at some unknown and unexpected time later in the day, a “rub-a-dub-dub-in-the-tub” OH NO!
Yes, the dreaded hot water and soap. The thought of it drives them into hiding. The strange thing is once they are in the boat shower and getting sprayed with hot water and rubbed down with soap, they actually love it. They lift each paw as I clean them and lift their legs one at a time so I can soap them up really well. Then they love the hot water rinse and all the towel rubs.
Once they are done, they run around the boat like little crazy, mad dogs until the just curl up and go to sleep.
Mini-schnauzers, they sure are strange little pups.
If it snows tonight it will be our first snow of the year. Jupiter loves snow, Cinco would rather not step in the stuff at first. Should be an interesting walk in the morning.