Mega Yachts

There was a Mega Yacht here for the last week and they were jerks with their illegal seadoos and other toys, but yesterday two other MEGA Yachts showed up and made the other yacht owner's organs looks small. These are HUGE yachts with heliports and all the fixings. The smaller yacht left today with his tail between his legs. So now we just have two MEGA Yachts in Clarks Court Bay, Six or more levels to each of these, likely 200ft long or more. Two too many mega yachts, but they are nice looking. Their tenders are bigger than most of the sail boats here. Though I will say they have been polite, while I was varnishing the toe rail of my boat while in Dink, they slowed their tenders (34ft+) down as to not make a big wake… The other yacht never did that.
We are preparing to sail out on Saturday morning… Lots to do and not much time.