So much for pee on the rug...

Jupiter couldn't hold it. So two pees on the rug while I was out on the dink to pay bills and check mail. When I got back there was an MOB alarm on the MFD. So that may have had him worried. I had 4 of these today as someone was testing their MOB (man over board) gear and my MFD is picking it up and alerting me of a MOB. Really annoying I need to see how to turn of this alarm for "test" MOB.
Ran the engine some more with the new regulator, still didn't get the batts up to voltage… Will repeat again on Saturday. I plan on taking the pups to a fishing seminar on Saturday. Got some R134a for the fridge today. I have to recharge her. But what a pain getting into that locker cause that is where the series drogue is stored and that thing weight and extra 10 lbs every time I try to pull her out of the locker.
We did rub-a-dub-dub today for the puppies and started cutting the mats/tangles/cockaburs out of their hair. Saturday will be a comb and clip day for the pups. They are not going to like that.