St. George's University School of Veterinary Medicine

Today we spent 4 hours at the small animal division of the University Medical School. Normally at the Vet, the Dr. and an Assistant enter the room and do the exam. Here is was different. The Dr. and an Assistant plus 5 medical students were in the room. Two med students examined Cinco and then two different med students examined Jupiter. Then each group presented their findings. Then the Dr. and Assistant examined Cinco and Jupiter and the presented their findings, noting the differences between the students and the Dr. Then all of the students had to listen to Cinco's heart since he has heart murmur that is class 3 or 4. Then they had to draw blood from the dogs for their annual tests. The students did a pretty good job at that, but the Dr had to draw the second sample for Jupiter cause the students couldn't find a vein after the first draw.
The Dr also quizzed them about possible causes for Jupiters cough and what the next steps should be. The students did good on that as well.
None of the students noticed the swelling in Jupiters upper body cavity, but the Dr did and confirmed with me that Jupiter was gaining weight. I agreed to have X-rays done for Jupiter.
In all things look good, no parasites, but the detailed blood analyses will not be back for a day or two, chances are he has kennel cough. The X-rays are questionable. The Dr. says that Jupiter may have an enlarged heart but the X-rays have been sent to the specialist and the main campus and the report should come back in a day or two.
Cinco has some new eye meds and Jupiter has some cough meds and I now know what over the counter stuff I need should he get another cough.