Fishing Seminar and Kemshaw Beach Party for Cruisers

Today is the fishing seminar and I need some more tackle. We lost two good lures on the way down from BIG fish bites. Looking to learn what the best lures are for sailing.
After that we will go to BBB at Kemshaw for a few hours to have fun at the 3rd annual cruisers party. I'm bringing the pups for both events.
Running the engine right now to charge up and get some hot water for a shower (solar bags was not good yesterday, too many clouds). I have to run into Marigot this afternoon to fill up a gas tank for the dink. I have two tanks and once the last one is 1/2 full I fill up the second one. Don't want to run out in the huge Lagoon. Most trips are 1 mile or more. Need fuel to keep her cruising at speed.