Pink or Blue Jobs

There is a topic on the blogs about Pink vs Blue jobs. There you will find lots of interesting discussions about the different genders of jobs on the boat. I have found the topic interesting. It is nice to see how others divide up jobs between husband and wife.
On SV Music, I’m the only functioning hand on board (the dogs have their jobs, but are not very good anything but barking and sleeping). So on SV Music all of the jobs are mine. That include maintenance, cooking, cleaning, laundry, navigation, etc. The only job that is partially given up is that of purser. Jupiter is the purser and controls all the funds I earn. He enforces his control based upon a plan that we developed to sail off in 2016. If I try to spend money outside of that plan, he gets upset. I think he want to be sure that he crosses the equator before he is too old to remember the event. All the same, all jobs on this boat are mine and so there is no argument about pink vs blue. If I could get Cinco to tail a winch or hold the wheel steady while I when up front to set the whisker pole, I would be grateful. Instead I have to rely on Otto (the Simrad Autopilot) to do that. If you get a chance read some of the raft-up posts on blogs for this month and enjoy.