Checkin Failure

France is closed today. Some national holiday, so I didn't get to checkin. Looks like the restaurants are open, the ATM at the post office was working but the post office is the only place were I can top-up my DigiCell phone card and they are closed. I'll lug my lap to a cafe with the dogs and trash and see if I can get some WiFi for lunch. Maybe then I can check email and post of the blogs for the past few days.
I like this town, Deshaies, it reminds me of a small version of Grand Case. Oh they have fish on several menus… Should be fresh as this down has a large number for fishing boat in a harbor made just for them.
I need to top up on provisions, almost out of milk and OJ and the dogs ate the heart out of my cabbage. I saw a couple of veggie stands in town as well as two grocery markets.