Storm Aproaching

I'm still waiting to see where it is headed. Right now it is a 5deg N and that is very far south for a tropical system. Yesterday it was projected to go between Grenada and Trinidad. This morning it is projected to go right over Grenada. Chris says that you need to be in St. Lucia to completely avoid the storm. That is a two day sail from here. I'll move into Tyrrel Bay later today and see what is going on there. Terrell Bay is the local Hurricane hole here in Carriacou.
I'll make my decision based on todays 2PM NOAA forecast. That will put it 3 days out and the 3 day forecast is usually accurate.
I may be hunkered down in the mangrove swamps of Carriacou.
I've got 70 or 80 black faced boobies flying around my boat. It is so cool… They are hunting the little fishes that hide in the shadow of a boat.
Going to Tyrrel Bay to hunker down in the Mangrove swamp for a few days to weather out the storm that is headed our way.
I have to wait until 10PM to get in for the tide. Should be there through tuesday. The storm is expect to hit here on Monday night.
Tide is not high enough so we will try on Sunday to get into the swap. New noises, we have the secondary anchor out cause the windless wouldn't work when we came into port. Fixed that, but we are on the CQR anchor for tonight. She makes a popping noise when we shift from side to side. Holding is good. The noise will take some getting used to.