Shopping Bus in Grenada

I took the shopping bus today with about 8 other people, most of them have been here for several years and I was the stranger as they knew everyone including the driver and many locals on the side of the road. The Bus from this location runs on Tuesday and Friday and stops at a vegetable market (nice) the Bank (nice)/mini mart, the IGA supermarket and Mall (nice) then the local mini-COSCO. Departs at 9:30 and I was back on the boat just before 1:00PM.
On Saturday I'll take the regular bus to St. George for Saturday Market and hopefully some Lambis Roti at the Nutmeg (if it is still open). It has been 20 years since I was in Grenada and there is so much new development. It is hard to recognize some of the locations cause of all the new buildings.
For those wanting more photos, here are two. First is of Sandy Island the second is one of the many groups of boats tied up the mangroves for TS BRET. Basically you crash your boat into the mangrove and tie it on with 4 or five lines and drop a couple of anchors off the stern. It holds tight.