Mix a little epoxy

Had to mix a little epoxy today for two small applications. But I know there are more… but time is counting down and I'm trying to think of what other thing on the boat needs a dab of epoxy. 15 min until is sets up too much to be used… This happens every time. I'm sure tomorrow I'll remember or see the thing that needed a dab of epoxy.
I have a seminar at 3PM today on the Dutch side. I'll head there a little early cause I hear there is a show that has "dry-bag backpacks" and I need a backpack since mine mutated into a salt crusted rust bucket and had to be thrown out. Zippers do not last in this environment without lots of care. I have to zip/unzip every pocket on my REI pants each time I wear them to make sure the Zippers are not rusting in place. I use TFL on them every now and then to keep them moving smoothly. I think there is some "zipper" grease— I'll have to research that and see if I can find some.