Soda blasting done (good and bad)

   The soda blasters are done and now good and bad news.   I’ve always had small blisters (chicken pox) on the hull.  Well as i expected they are surface blisters.  Now that it is clean the blisters are in the polyester barrier coat that the original owner had put on the boat.  Why would you put an epoxy barrier coat on a boat that is laid up with vinyl ester?  There is no reason since the high quality vinyl ester doesn’t blister.   As a result of not wanting to peel the barrier coat off the boat, i will be fairing the blister holes with vinyl-based compound for the next few days.   In addition, a Previous owner extended the waterline and applied additional barrier coat without taking the area down to the black gel coat… so the top 4 to 6 inches of added barrier coat are peeling off and need to be scraped and ground off.  Look like I’m going to be on the hard for a week or a bit more to clean all this mess up.   
Good news, the vinyl ester-based glass hasn’t a single blister so the hull is in perfect shape.  Though i expect in 5 year or more i’ll see more of the chicken pox in the polyester that I refuse to peel off the hull.
  Smells like rain tonight. I might not get to fair the boat for a day or two.