The swell has returned to Princess M Beach

It was so nice for one week, there was no swell and only small waves. I knew this wouldn't last. The swell returned today and it is a nice long period swell with high winds. So still not really a problem. Things are not falling out of cabinets. It was nice napping at high-noon to the swell. I'll see how it is tonight.
Finished sewing repairs on the dodger and chaps today. I cleaned the dodger as best I could and hung her back on the boat so I can keep the hatch in my bedroom open tonight. I had to close and open the hatch several times last night cause of periodic showers. I have yet to try and fit the chaps back on dink.
It has been cool at night lately. I have to use a sheet to sleep. Drops down to about 78F at night and the water temperature is about 80F. I have to get fuel, have a rigger fix a spreader light, and provision a bit, then we will be heading south to the other Grenadine islands for a couple of weeks.