Morning Rain

Morning rain has soaked the laundry on the life lines. Looks like it is clearing up, so I might be able to dry all the laundry today. Today may be either a cleaning day or a varnish day… still not sure which it will be. If the clouds keep dropping this wet stuff, it may be a cleaning day as varnish doesn't go down well when it is really humid.
I also need to clean the hull and wax her. I won't do that today, but this weekend they are calling for nice weather. Might be time to clean the hull :)
I still have to have a sewing day… Not looking forward to that, but i have to take the dodger down and make some repairs. I should do that while I'm laid up here in St Martin waiting for parts. I should, I should, I should — still not convincing myself as this is going to be a PITA project.
I'm hoping the fish market is open this weekend (it is carnival weekend) cause I could use some fresh tuna and lambi.

More rain, it is not clearing up.

Since I'm going to be here for a couple more weeks, I've volunteered to provide tech support for the Heineken Regatta. I have to meet the race director today at 4:30.