I went to the inner lagoon dink dock today so I would have easy access to the Rodney Bay Mall. There is a big grocery store there. I provisioned frozen foods and some other odds and ends. I also went to the hardware store and got most of the things on my list. There are still a few things that they don't have and IWW doesn't have. Guess I'll look for those thing in Grenada.
Overall, it has been a cloudy day with very little sunshine (another couple hours on the engine to charge batts). It has been this way for several days. Not much rain, just a passing drizzle every now and then. The Haze is gone and the air is clean but the sun shine is limited.
Fresh avocado, fresh lettuce, and tomato… looks like salad tonight for dinner. I need to find that really good Spanish olive oil that I hid in the pantry.