Shopping day, beach day, swim day, puppy jambalaya day, but no Brew Pub :(

It rained hard most of the night and for several hours this morning. The Dink was knee deep filled with water. And after I pumped it out and made it to Whisper Cover for the shopping bus, the sky opened again and dumped another 4 inches or more of rain. And when I got back from shopping I had to pump out the dink again from the morning rain. It did clear up as the tropical wave passed us. The dogs and I had time on the beach and lots of swimming and playing with other dogs. I also had to cook up a fresh batch of puppy food (part of shopping day is to get chicken and peas). I decided to pass on the Brew Pub tonight cause by the time I was done unloading, cooking and cleaning it was almost 4PM and I still had to take the pups out and refill the fuel tank (the bus leaves at 5:15 from Clarks Court Marina). Maybe next week I'll be at the Brew Pub.