More varnish and other projects

Put on the 5th coat of varnish on the rail. Still have more to go, plus the eyebrow and doraide boxes. I also make the wringer platform (wringer and meat grinder) that will hook to the stern pulpit and allow me to wring out laundry or crank on the meat grinder. The screws I have are too short for the wringer to I picked up 3" bolts… they are too long, so i need to get 2.5 in bolts. The 3in bolts work, but I would rather have the right sized bolts.
Replace an old vent hose that was rusting and did another round of sanding on the bright work… It should rain tonight and on Monday, so once that blows over I'll tape up the eyebrow and put another coat of varnish on the boat. Planning to haul the boat on Thursday so I'll have to pull down the head sails and release them so that she will fit in the lift. Soda blasting is scheduled for Friday. Ordered the bottom paint it should be in this week.