10 Days in HKG

We started by hiking into Central and from that day forward, each day we took on a new tourist activity. The climb back to the apartment building was always a challenge (approximately 800 steps plus lots of up hill) that was always rewarded with an ice cold beer. If you are into high-end shopping, HKG is the place for you. I, living on a boat, have no need for most of the stuff for sale in HKG. Here is the view from the apartment window:
Overall I had a great time. The 24hour plane flight was not high on my list of things to do, but the end spot was good. The puppies had fun at Cozy Canine. So much fun the Jupiter had almost lost his voice from so much barking. When I picked them up, they slept for 2 days, only getting up to walk and eat. I think they had fun.