Thanks to Henry Luong for the Ginger Candy

If anyone reads this and knows Henry send him an email to let him know that today I opened the second bag for ginger candy. Yes, just one bag consumed in 3+ months. I think he left me 12 or 13 bags in the package at my retirement party. I'm being careful to ration these delicious chewy treats cause I know I'll never find them until I'm in an area with a large asian population. Also let him know I want his stir fry schnauzer recipes just incase the pups are really bad ;)
I have to check with the sail loft on Monday to see if they will have my sail ready this week. Once I have a main sail I can provision and plan to head off down island.
I read that Al Jarreau died today. I'll have to listen to "Spain" tonight. Second only to Ella at scat. I rank him up with Papa John Creach, he died about ten years ago.