Sail modified and installed

I picked up the sail yesterday afternoon and bent her onto the mast today. It looks good.
Went Groc Shopping and found "Boudin" I picked up on small package (about 1/2 a cajun link) for 3 Euros… I'll have it tonight to see if is taste good. Looks good. They had blood boudin, pork, chicken, seafood, lamb, and an other one that I could not translate (maybe duck or goose). I got "Boudins De Poissons." See if it is any good.
Rigged the dink to be hoisted on the side of the boat by the spinnaker halliard. Looks good, I only had to retie the knots twice to get the balance right for the dink with the engine mounted. Next i'll have to see how well that works for dink with no engine.
In case you didn't know, mono-hull boats that do not have davits use the spinnaker halliard to raise their dinks out of the water at night. It helps to deter thieves and it helps prevent aquatic growth on the bottom. You have to get use to the boat heeling a little to the side that you hoister her on, but otherwise it works well.