Sail to Roseau

The sail to Roseau Dominica was great in the lee of the island so the winds shifted direction and speed a few times, but the waves were nice a calm. Left at 8AM and got here at 1:45 (about 20mi). This is a nice bay, but very slim anchoring I'm in 100ft of water on a mooring (the deepest mooring i've ever been on). It is very hot here as the bay is surrounded by very high volcanoes and it faces west and the clouds all burn off on the high volcanoes so the sun is slamming us with very little wind to cool things down. 96deg F inside the boat right now. That is HOT. I haven't had those temps since August in Chesapeake Bay. Normally in the Carib you have 15++ its of wind to keep you cool. Not here.
Dominica has more volcano ranges than I thought. While sailing down the west coast, there were the norther Volcanoes, the northern-central volcanoes (3 big ones) then the southern-central volcanoes (two big ones) the the southern volcanoes (look like three big ones, but there could be more, the view is obstructed by clouds).