Pulling the starter off the generator

As with most boat project once you start it your realize that additional projects are required. I was having problems starting the generator. I think I know why. However, in the process of trying to start her last week I fried the starter motor. So the boat project was to manually crank the engine to make sure she had compression and was not back flooded with water and remove the burned up starter. The first part of that went well once I found my Auto 1/2 socket set. The engine is not flooded and she can be manually turned. The second part was tough and at my first attempt I quit, that is removing the starter. Today I realized that the generator had shifted 3 inches to port and that the brackets holding the generator in place were poorly positioned and allowed the generator to shift port/starboard. I removed the brackets and manually tugged and tugged on the generator to move it to starboard and then some. That worked and now I had access to the starter bolts. I then tried to find the right size wrench… 14mm, almost, 1/2 not so, 9/16 was the magic number. But before I could even really crank on the bolts, the ground cable just came off. I think this is the source of my original problem starting the generator. If a ground cable, a 2/0 tinned cable, just comes lose, then there was not enough connectivity for the power draw. Get the bolts out and remove the starter. Oh, the starter power connection is 13mm. Only in America can a product use both English and Metric bolts. (Why hasn't everyone gone to metric for bolts???). The positive power cable is also connected using a cheap lug. So now that this has been pulled I need to find someone to rebuild the starter (I have no experience doing that and would mess it up). But the additional project are to get new lugs for the power cable that fit the bolts. I have one that will fit the 13MM positive post, but will need to get one to fit the 9/16 bolt for the ground. In addition, I'll have to mount some teak stop blocks to brace the generator from shifting port/starboard and then reposition the steel clamps to support the generator. Ahhh boat repairs in exotic places. It is 4PM and I'm just quiting today's projects. Have to run down the road and get either wine or rum to go with my Gumbo tonight. We will be leaving Fort Louis Marina at about 2:00PM on Wednesday. We will be anchored out in Marigot bay until the starter is fixed.