Engine service

I got the oil, oil filter, and fuel filter changed this morning, then we when out for lunch and out to purchase some supplies. This afternoon I good the coolant changed but could not check the raw water impeller or the transmission because the Purser decided to take a nap over the floor boards I need to raise. Let lying puppies lie…. Otherwise Jupiter would rip my liver out and eat it with the 10 teeth he still has. So on Wednesday morning I'll keep him away and then get to service the raw water and transmission. Ah puppy dogs….
I need more coolant and I've got to get replacement pins for the swim ladder. I got bolts and nuts at IWW that will work for now, but I really want pins for the ladder. I'm out of paper towels so I have to get more of those. White for day to day and blue for engine work (blue shows the oil better when priming the pumps).
Otherwise, I think Cajuns need to enforce source of origin rules for things like Cajun Sausage, Andouille, and other things. I just picked up a package of "Andouille" make by Johnsonville and it nothing but glorified hotdogs (aka a hot dog with a pinch of cayenne pepper) I boiled it down 3 times and didn't get anything I could call gravy. This is crap and the citizens of Louisiana should demand the Cajun food be classified internationally as a food of regional origin (or certified by the region), just like the Europeans do for wine and cheese. I can't sell grape juice as Bordeaux, why should anyone be able to sell hot dogs as Andouille?