Daddy is evil - He popped corn in BACON grease today

Jupiter: Yes, popped corn in BACON!!! grease. It is this multi colored premium pop corn — every kernel pops! Cinco and I sat at the edge of the galley and watched as each kernel popped and smelt the most amassing smelling grease. When all the noise and pot shaking was done, did he share any with us??? NO, HE DIDN'T! Not a single popped kernel was allowed to fall on the floor for us. What's a puppy to do when you are tormented like this? (I think I'll pee on the rug tonight, hah) The smell of pop corn and BACON grease for 5 minutes and then no sharing. I really think that Cinco and I need a lawyer. The smell of BACON grease will linger in the boat for hours. My beard is wet with saliva.
Cinco: I agree with Jupiter. Today a pelican swooped down on the dink while we were in it. I barked at that monster and it few away. Once again I saved Daddy and Jupiter from a monster! Last time it was a goat. This time a big brown pelican. I think I need a reward Happy